WELCOME to Spring 2016

Evergreen Valley College


This is a 3 unit course for non-majors.  It is a general education physical science class with NO lab.  We learn about how the ocean was formed, the waves, the tides, the animals that live in the ocean and much much more. 

This course requires students to watch videos on my website.  You will also need to purchase a set of DVDs and a book.  

The class has no on campus meetings except for one exam.  It is an on-line course.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE ENROLLED IN THE CLASS - send me an email by Tuesday Feb 2


There is an on-campus orientation to the class on Tuesday Feb 2 at 6:30PM in Sequoia S-129.  If you prefer, you can email me for directions on how to have an on-line orientation.  My email address is in the course schedule and the Student Information handout below.

There is a mandatory 10 point quiz about the orientation on Moodle.  If you do not take it by Wed Feb 10 at 10PM you will be dropped from the class.

Handouts - read these carefully

Assignment Due Dates


Lectures have 2 parts:
    1)  DVD series called The Endless Voyage that you must purchase
    2)  My lectures:  recorded videos of my voice and PowerPoint slides.  Just like a regular on-campus class except you don't see my face!  The files are large and it can take awhile to stream the video.  Be     patient.

The PowerPoint handouts are also provided for you. 

You will also need to buy the textbook and read the assigned pages.

Click here to see the lectures and notes.  You will be given the username and password in the orientation.


Grades are found at the top of the Lectures and Notes page so that they are password protected.

- Dr. Hays